Ober for Uber FAQs


  • Account Specific Issues?
    • Can’t change profile? Change Mobile Number?
      • Contact support@uber.com
  • Booking Payment Issues?
    • Credit Card, Debit Card, Cash and PayPal Booking issues?
      • Contact support@uber.com
  • Stuck in loading?
    • Uninstall > Reinstall
  • Can’t book / request a car?
    • Uninstall > Reinstall
  • Errors signing in?
    • IMG_20151112_063243 OR  Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 8.24.23 PM
    • Please make sure you already have an existing account and have already requested access to Uber. Please see the REQUEST ACCESS section below. (Requesting Access is different from Signing Up)
  • Already requested access but still no approval?
    • Please contact support@uber.com and ask them to expedite your request to access the mobile site. Please note that delays can be caused by holidays/non-working days.
  • Stuck / Cannot Set Pickup Location?
    • Please tap the Location Icon on the Top Left and search for your pickup location. Then you can now Pan through the Map.
  • App does not perfectly fit to screen?
    • Please make sure you accepted all Permissions during installation. Especially the Device Information Permission.
    • If you already accepted the required permission, there is still a little cutoff on the screen and the fix is coming.
  • Have Uber Account specific questions, issues?
  • Forgot Password / Email?
  • Received Verification Code but don’t know where to use it?
    • Please save that 4 digit code. Uber will require it the time you first request a Ride.
  • Want to delete your Uber Account?


  • #1: SIGN UP
    • If you haven’t logged in to any Uber Mobile Website before. You will have to request access first. Please note that requesting access to Uber may take 2-7 days for approval. Please be patient, it will be worth it. 🙂 And this is different from Signing Up.

    • You’ll get a response like this:  Hi User, Did you mean to contact Uber Support? Let us know what we can do to help! I’ll keep an eye out on your response.
    • Tell the person something like : I am using a BlackBerry 10 device and have no access to any Uber Application. Please let me use your Uber Mobile Site on my browser. Please. Thank you.
    • Then wait for a response for 2 – 7 days. And you will be approved for access. Please wait for the email response. Then you can proceed logging in to Ober.
    • Request Access here: https://help.uber.com/h/1ed2c9ac-daad-4413-91ee-09c8aefec8da
  • #3: LOGIN
    • Once you’re done with all of the steps above. And your access request has already been approved. You may now login and use Ober.


46 thoughts on “Ober for Uber FAQs

  1. Hey Nemory !
    Was just wondering what happened to Ober, the native client for Uber…
    Why, after a quick apparition in BetaZone, we cannot find it anymore?
    Are you still working on it?

  2. Hi I am trying to log into my inst10 account after the update and it is asking me for a valid postal code but will not let me enter letters being that postal codes have numbers and letters this is essential to me signing in and using your program!
    Please advise!

  3. Hi. Thank you for bringing support to BB10. Is this app compatible with Passport? I have been trying to navigate to UberXL but the bottom of the page is cut off and I don’t see an option to change the aspect ratio.

      1. This is a Hybrid App. Native + Web. It gives you more a Native feel to it. And it is easily accessible by just a Single Tap. It gives you all the support you need too.

  4. I experience a problem using Ober on BlackBerry Passport – the bottom of a page at most of screens is cut off and there is no option to scroll down. As a result some of the options / selections are impossible to use/select. Moreover going back to a previous screen is impossible as well as a “back” button (arrow) is not seen. Please fix and release an update ASAP. Thanks

  5. Hi, I can not pin the destination on blackberry passort, actually there is no place to do so . Can u pls fix this? Thanks

  6. Hey. I’ve received the access code (4 digits), but there’s nowhere to enter it? Logging in does not work as I need access. Pls help.

    I’m on a Q10.

  7. Hey work fine the app but something that i. Can’t do is select where i want to go. Is BlackBerry z30 i can select where i am, but final destination not. Can you help me?

  8. Hi, I am a driver for Uber. I downloaded the app to be able to use it to drive and pick up riders. It doesn’t allow me to get to the home page. I was trying to avoid the fees Uber charges to rent an iPhone and to get the service sent to the phone. Is this something you can fix in order for me to use this app in this capacity?

    1. Extremely disappointed that a respectable company like blackberry allows pirates such as Uber to have an app on there system. I also hope people read this, cheapskates in the long run Uber will bite you. They already are. There illegal. They have no insurance. Losers

  9. Hello
    I’ve been trying to log in and request uber for the past 2 days and no luck. Please get back to me.

  10. First time to sign up on uber, I mistakenly sign up for drive instead of passengers pick up have problem to sign in and change the plans. Thanks

  11. I am using BlackBerry 10 OS and have downloaded Ober for Uber. There is no paytm wallet option in the payment section. Please tell me how to link paytm wallet to my Uber account.

  12. Extremely disappointed that a respectable company like blackberry allows pirates such as Uber to have an app on there system. I also hope people read this, cheapskates in the long run Uber will bite you. They already are. There illegal. They have no insurance. Losers

  13. Worked fine for the past month until this morning. Whenever I book a ride. It crashes when it looks for nearby drivers. I restarted my phone and I’m already on the most updated version. Help

  14. Hello
    Just purchased the apk but I am having problems to login and get the message to download the app. Exactly the same as it is here above,the first of your frequently asked questions. However I do have an account and using Uber for months now.
    Appreciate your help

  15. Why there is an additional charge has been deducted including the download charges ….it is unacceptable. Also why credit card option has been given instead of Debit card while signing up process for Ober.

  16. Hey, I am not able to make payment to buy this uber app. It’s constantly showing when tried to make it through PayPal and through credit card-after entering the details it’s not showing next button. Please help!

  17. Hi I’m using BlackBerry passport. When I want to order a car there is a message appeared in Russian “you use an old version of Uber, please update the app”. How can I do it? I tried to reinstall it but no result: the same message

    1. I too have a Blackberry Passport, which I treasure, but which does not currently support a native Uber app, although it did before the BlackBerry 10 operating system. There is a solution! Look for “Ober”, a hybrid app that lets you call the real Uber from your BlackBerry Passport. Look for it in Blackberry World.

  18. What are the differences of the cars? Uber hop, Uber X, Uberxl, select, black car and SUV why are the per minute and per kilometres different?


  19. I have a BlackBerry Passport and am tryIng to purchase the UBR app for my phone. I get stuck everytime I try to purchase it and have to enter my Paypal password. I tried it several times for the pass two days. So whats the deal?

    Note : I have the Insta10 and got it through the same process and Payment.

  20. When I open The request page it say page not found go to home page i try many times always the same pa

  21. I am using Blackberry Z10, recently purchaised OBER, but I cannot use it.
    When I log on, it cannot find Uber network.

    Please help

  22. To Mr. Oliver Martinez:
    I reside in New York City and using a BB10 phone.
    Downloaded your new update and now the Ride for Uber app which used to be OBER no longer works.
    Very Annoying!
    I paid $2.99 for this app.
    If you are going to charge any price,
    Make sure that that app is reliable.

    I am sure that you have made enough funds multiplied by millions of paid users to have a functional app at all times. Which equals to millions of dollars that you have profit from.

    Nemory(Oliver Martinez) I do not know who you are, but when I sent a email to UBER they do not know who you are?
    What country are you operating from? No phone number just this annoying email reply forum. I am certain that you can pay enough people to first have a customer service in where you can talk to a live people and also have competent staff that can fix this problem in whatever computer language. ie; Linux etc. An app that works for all Blackberry users not just for IOS and android users?
    If you working with UBER, tell the $50 billion dollar company that this problem is serious!
    If you really care about the app in which you have created, You will make right for everyone around the world.

  23. Hi,
    You say the issue of not being able to enter non-US postcodes, ie number and letters, has been resolved in the latest Inst10 version on Blackberry World. I upgarded to that version and the problem still persists. This is preventing the setting up of new credit card payments in the app, and it’s not possible to do that via the Uber.com Web portal. This needs to be resolved.

  24. Hi I’m trying to request an urber and they have sent me the 4 digits pin and I have entered them and they telling me my email address already exist but I can’t get an option to request and urber

  25. I have a Q10 and have Ober for uber installed and all looks like everything is loaded. I see my home, see my PayPal linked payment. I enter destination address and it come back the costs and time location of nearest driver. Then when I hit CONFIRM, I get this “oops, something went wrong” message and to contact my administrator if it continues. I really would like to use the app, Any suggestions on how to proceed?

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