All Nemory Studios’ Apps are on a LIMITED TIME SALE!

Get them by going here

  • Facebook Messenger – $6.99 now $3.99
  • Inst10 for Instagram – $6.99 now $3.99
  • Twittly for Twitter – $6.99 now $3.99
  • Dater for Tinder – $6.99 now $3.99
  • PhoneFinder – $9.99 now $4.99
  • Xtreme Maps Pro – $5.99 now $3.99
  • Super Street View – $5.99 now $1.99
  • Strobe Lights – $4.99 now $0.99

Prices will go up very soon! Hurry to get the best deal ever!

HOW TO UPGRADE in Dater, Twittly and Inst10?

Go to the App > Swipe Down from the very top of the screen > Tap About > Scroll down and press UPGRADE NOW!

HOW TO UPGRADE in Facebook Messenger, PhoneFinder, Xtreme Maps Pro, Super Street View and Strobe Lights?

Go here

Thank you all and enjoy!


Nemory Studios on BBM Channel: Nemory Studios
Nemory Studios on Twitter: @nemory
Nemory Studios on Instagram: @nemorystudios
Nemory Studios on Facebook: Nemory Studios

Thank you very much!


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  1. I find it hard to update my face10 it keeps on sending me a message that says my email is an error anyone help me I cant even use my emiticons now its bad

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