WhatsUp10 – FAQs

  • WhatsUp10 Fixer didn’t fix the sending issue? Try some of these steps:
    • Please make sure you’ve followed the step by steps instruction. You must close WhatsUp10 App first using Data Monitor before doing the process. And you must have an EXTERNAL SD CARD on your phone.
    • Please do a reboot of your phone and try again.
    • Uninstall WhatsUp10 first then do the fix then install WhatsUp10 again.
  • Cannot send media files? 
    • To fix sending media/files issues. Make sure you have an External SD Card installed then Download our FREE WhatsUp10 Fixer: http://blck.by/2zij8ma and follow instructions
  • Update popup?
    • Please ignore for now. Wait for a new update to be announced from Nemory Studios.
  • Google Play Services issues? Stuck on backup?
    • To fix the Google Play Services and Backup issue, please don’t press “OK” button when you see the Google Services Dialog. Instead, press the back key and this will fix the problem.

Still having problems? Contact nemorystudios@gmail.com


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  1. Bonjour j’ai un problème avec mon téléphone BlackBerry car je n’arrive pas e connecté sur Wathsap comment faire pour résoudre la problème merci????????

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